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Phil Steck

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The 110th Assembly District has a town with the strongest economy in the Capital Region (Colonie), one of the world’s greatest scientific research facilities (GE Global Research in Niskayuna), and an historic City making an exciting comeback (Schenectady). The voters of the 110th are strong supporters of public education. This year’s State budget is bringing dramatically increased funding to all our public schools (including an additional $12 million for the Schenectady City School District) and two major Department of Transportation construction projects that will ease traffic congestion in Niskayuna and Colonie.

Phil Steck is a strong, independent voice for the 110th known to take courageous stands on issues. In 2015, he voted against the Governor’s education program, with its emphasis on common core testing. In 2014, he voted against the Governor’s Start Up New York program, which has spent $50 million of advertising with little public benefit. He has been a strong supporter of the success of local business against State bureaucracy, passing legislation that would allow local wine retailers to sell more easily in other states and that ultimately caused the defeat of unfair taxation of a local robotics manufacturer.

The 110th is a strong middle class district. Phil Steck is well aware of the challenges facing middle class families today. In 1980, before we unleashed Wall Street, the top 1% of income earners in New York State had 11.9% of the total income; today 30.2% of the income goes to the top 1%. The costs of health insurance, college tuition, utilities, and many other things have risen to unprecedented heights. Pension benefits are declining.

Phil believes we need to take our economy in a different direction, strengthen the middle class, and make it possible for the poor to reach the middle class. He is the New York State sponsor of reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act and reinstating the stock transfer tax, which New York had from 1915 to 1979, that will curb unnecessary Wall Street speculation. As former United States Secretary of Labor Robert Reich has said, we need to make sure capitalism works for the many and not the few.

In addition, our foreign policy is a State issue. If we continue spending outrageous sums of money on foreign interventions, there is no money left for rebuilding our infrastructure here at home. Federal aid was critical to many things our communities have come to expect, like outstanding water, sewer, and highway infrastructure. Now we are falling behind Europe in areas like rail transportation.

Nor is foreign intervention successful. As many sober analysts have pointed out, the "blowback" is dangerous. ISIS is blowback from the invasion of Iraq. It is nearly impossible to change another nation's political, social, and economic development through military intervention. We need to return to the “Good Neighbor Policy” of one of our greatest New Yorkers, Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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